Controls: arrows to grate, X to move to next screen (and skip Hollywood production values intro cinematic)


This is my entry for the #ToyBoxJam! The idea is, you're given a set of sprites/sounds/music/code example and you have to make a game out of them. There's a lot of stuff, from characters to items, weapons, map stuff and visual effect. I decided to make cheese.

One more thing: I went for a self-imposed challenge and avoided using any function that draws on screen, even though stuff like rect() and line() are allowed. Any graphical thingie you see is a stretched palette swapped sprite – and boy was that fun. I mean hard. Really really fun.

My submission is also on the Pico-8 website at this link. Cart name: spaghettiforever

(there's one nasty bug in the podracing level that I can't replicate and happens rarely... loud groan)

Made withPICO-8
Tagscheese, toyboxjam


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This game is bonkers!

So.... I like it.

Admittedly, it's probably not a game I'll return to often (if at all), but it's a fun idea and a nice entry.

Thanks! I wanted to make something silly and see how far I could stretch using those assets, it's been a lot of fun

How do I grate the cheese onto the plate during the race?

The cheese moves around the stage and you need to grate it when it's above the plate.

If the cheese isn't moving... that's the bug that has been baffling me for the entire duration of development. I have no idea why, but sometimes that level just breaks – I've never been able to replicate it consistently, but it's extremely rare, it only happened to me twice in two weeks. Restarting the game is the only way, sorry about it.