An interactive narrative piece realized for my Talespinners mentorship under Ian Thomas.

The project involved drafting a game pitch, going through the process of creating the narrative design of the game, then realizing a vertical slice, testing it, implementing feedback and repeating the process with different demographics.

This is the result of that process, within the limits of only being able to work on it on nights and weekends due to day job obligations. I think it's good, I don't think it's perfect - the testing and surveys I've done highlighted all its pain points and while most of them were sanded off, I'm aware of what it's still lacking. With the benefit of hindsight, I'd start it over from scratch using everything I learned during the mentorship - things that I learned as part of the process of creating it.

I'm planning to turn it into a full and fully refined game one day, but for now, that's the catch-22 we get. Enjoy!


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Interrogation 37 kB
interrogation test w 44 kB
Interrogation Test - Voice 47 kB
Interrogation test 51 kB
Interrogation test w 55 kB
Interrogation Test - 5 sep 57 kB
Interrogation 62 kB
Interrogation 63 kB
Project River Alpha 63 kB
Project River Alpha 63 kB
Project River Alpha 63 kB

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